Saturday, October 23, 2010

Experiment with tight coils

I had seen a lot of beautiful quilling with tight coils and wanted to try it. I had seen a cute bear on my friend's site and wanted to try that. I used 1/8 in. paper for this one. I should say, it was quite difficult to work with coils that were big in size. I almost used eight 11" strips for just the cream color in the middle (the bear's tummy). Coiling the dark brown paper on top of that was quite challenging. It kept slipping off. Since I am cutting the strips manually, marking it with pencil and scale and cutting it with scissors strained my eyes quite a bit.
I had some precut readymade card stock, so I decided to lay the pieces on it but I realized it kind of looked bland. I realized how the borders gave a dramatic effect.
Here are the pictures with and without borders. The borders also gives the 'layering effect' and makes the card look more defined.

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