Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I got my first few quilling tools when I was on a vacation to Singapore!  I am really excited to have them. Since I have had them, it has been almost an obsession to quill. The slotted needle makes it really easy to roll paper which I used to earlier attempt with a thin paint brush.
I have not used the needle tool a whole lot other than using it to rearrange the coils for eccentric coils. I found the circle template very useful to make uniform sized petals and leaves.

Here are the tools I have now.

One thing I am probably missing is a craft knife to cut the paper. I now mark with scale and pencil and cut it with scissors. However, they are not perfect and sometimes the variation does show up.
Is there any other way to do it without a craft knife?

p.s: for people who want to know where I bought the tools in Singapore, I got the slotted tool and the needle at "Golden Dragon' art and craft store which is in the People Park mall at China Town. I got the circle template and a good variety of paper from 'Art Friends' which is located at the Takashimaya mall on Orchard road.

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  1. Hello! Welcome to the world of quilling! =) I love inna's blog as well, in fact that's where i found you.

    I've been quilling for quite some time (though not all that long) and there are a few methods to obtain quilling paper.

    first there is purchased quilling paper (LOVELY to use, but expensive.) Then there's what you're doing (cutting it yourself). I mark mine with a ruler and cut it with a normal paper blade, easier than scissors but not as good as a craft knife. There are also quillers here in malaysia who buy normal coloured paper and shred them using a paper shredder (quite inexpensive here, though i'm not sure where you come from).

    so there are the 3 options i know! good luck!